Greetings from the George Bush Bush Team

This election year, and for generations to come, show your pride and enthusiasm for the President of the United States by planting your very own George Bush Bush.

What is the George Bush Bush and why was it created?

The George Bush Bush was created as a meaningful and timeless reminder of the President's commitment to the love of freedom and democracy in the U.S. and giving oppressed and tortured people the opportunity to live under freedom and democracy throughout the world.

The George Bush Bush, a Red Osier Dogwood, is a fast growing ornamental bush well suited to extreme climates. With its creamy white spring flowers and summer berries it not only attracts a variety of butterflies and birds, but it's tolerance of extreme conditions has made it a valued asset to environmentally challenged areas. The George Bush Bush provides beautiful color year round.

The George Bush Bush is available in a Limited Edition collectible package of fast growing Red Osier Dogwood seeds that will warm the hearts of patriots and excite collectors nationwide. Soon seedlings of the George Bush Bush will be available in various sizes. We believe the seedlings will add immediate ecological benefits by protecting and stabilizing eroding landscapes and will be a valuable asset to critical growth areas.

The cost per package is $5.00. Discounts are offered for bulk orders. We are earmarking a partial proceeds donation to non-profit organizations, some of which are supported by the President and his family

The George Bush Bush is a fun project. This is a wonderful family endeavor that has a very meaningful message and we hope it will bring pride to your family and friends.

The George Bush Bush was nationally launched in March of 2004. Refer to our web site, for online ordering. We encourage you to visit it for updates. We are also accepting orders from our toll free line, 1-877-GWB-BUSH.

So, spread the message. Spread the seeds. Enjoy!

Phil Leadroot & The George Bush Bush Team

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