How to Buy the George Bush Bush

The George Bush Bush seeds are more than a beautiful addition to your garden or yard.
The packet itself will become a treasured keepsake of George W. Bush's Presidency.

Each packet costs $2.00.
Shipping costs will vary according to the quantity ordered. For orders of 100 or more, please call our toll-free number
(1-877-GWB-BUSH) for information on our bulk discounts.

Seed Packet

There are three ways to order:

  • Order with your credit card through our secure site by clicking the
    "Buy Now" link at left.
  • Have your credit card ready and call toll-free
    1-877-GWB-BUSH or 1-877-492-2874.
  • Print an order form and mail it in with your personal check, money order, or credit card information.
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